Achieving Beautiful Brows At-Home with Suman Jalaf

May 19, 2020

She’s the Queen of brows having sculpted the arches of Kate Moss and Goldie Hawn. Here Suman Jalaf reveals her tips and tricks to getting great brows at home.

Suman Jalaf’s top tips for at-home brow taming

What’s the number one mistake people make when at-home tweezing?

Pulling and tugging the hairs out! This causes trauma and in-grown hairs. It’s a big no no. If there are gaps, fill them in with a matching brow pencil and let your brow expert deal with shaping.

What are your top tips for anyone wanting to grow their brows?

Massaging castor oil into the brow bone is great for stimulating growth and hair growth stimulators like revitabrow or librow. 

Which brow products do you use?

Great brows make me feel confident.  I use the Kevin Aucoin or Dior Brow Styler to fill in and define the brows. I do have mine microbladed but after 8months to a year you sometimes need to fill in faded bits. These pencils create the natural hair stroke that I want. I use a brow tamer regardless to set them all day daily. It’s my profession to have them look great everyday so it’s a must for me.

Do you think we’ll ever return to the skinny 90s brow trend?

Trends will come and go. Timeless beauty derives from one’s own perspective and classical proportions. I follow the golden ratio: to me a fuller brows defines their beautiful face to the maximum, it frames their face and a fuller thicker brow definitely makes you look younger. So let’s hope 90’s brows don’t come back! 

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