Tang Tries: Pachamama’s Salmon Ceviche Recipe

May 31, 2020

With lockdown still under way and no word yet on when restaurants in the UK can reopen, a lot of us are missing our favourite dishes and with nothing left to do apart from perfecting our skincare routine, completing Netflix and baking all the banana bread in the world — what better time to give a hand at recreating those delicious meals at home?

Thankfully, some of the best food joints have kindly started sharing their sacred recipes online to keep us going and with summer basically here, what’s better than a fresh seafood ceviche from the masters of Peruvian food in London, Pachamama?

Perfect for a summer day, this tangy dish is full of flavour and easy to throw together in just 20 minutes, no cooking even required! It really is as easy as it sounds and as beautiful as it looks.




1. Cover your salmon in salt and leave aside for 5 minutes.

2. Next up, make the Tiger’s Milk — the Peruvian term for the citrus based marinate that cures the ceviche. Squeeze 4 limes into a blender, add 2 roughly chopped tomatoes, half of a roughly chopped red onion and half of the red chilli. Add in half of your coriander, a pinch of sea salt and half a tablespoon of honey. 

3. Blend away, until everything is roughly blended, but not so much it turns into a purée.

4. Take your salmon and brush off the excess salt.

5. Remove the skin from the salmon and add the skin into the blender with the rest of the juices, but do not blend.

6. Cut your salmon fillets into small cubes and put aside.

7. Cut the beetroot into small wedges, slice the rest of the remaining half chilli, and thinly slice the remaining half of your red onion and your radishes too. Add these to a large mixing bowl.

8. Cut your avocados into chunks and slice all your spring onions and add to your mixing bowl too, along with some salt and black pepper.

9. Strain your Tiger’s Milk (aka the ingredients in your blender) using your sieve into a separate bowl.

10. Add the salmon into your mixing bowl with the cut vegetables. 

11. Pour your Tiger’s Milk into the mixing bowl too and mix the ingredients all together. Plate up your ceviche into 2 serving bowls and then top with mint and the remaining coriander.

Dan Tang aka Tang Tastes London
Dan Tang aka Tang Tastes London

Introducing London-based Art Director and serious foodie Dan. Pre-lockdown, Dan started reviewing the very best London food joints on instagram @TangTastesLondon, but now— stuck at home— he’s recreating some of our most missed recipes, exclusively for The Recénseré.

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