How To Support Black People and The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement Every Single Day

June 3, 2020

How you can support Black Lives Matter and become Anti-Racist not just for one day, one week or one month – but to change your life and your kids lives forever.

As a white person, I’m conflicted how is the best way to share this information. To re-post links feels lazy but it’s important that we’re all informed and that we understand the magnitude of the situation. Now, more than ever, we must listen, learn and continue to push forward.

It’s not up to black people to teach us, but it also feels wrong for me to read a comprehensive resource that’s already out there (oftentimes put together by a black person) and then re-hash it as my own work, putting my voice at the centre.

So, if you came here wanting to find resources and learn about how you can help support Black Lives Matter going forward then great! But I’m going to pass you on to the below, who can share ideas much better than I can…

Read this:

First up, read this article from Jessica Morgan at Refinery29. She has put together a comprehensive list of resources that all white people should read, watch and learn from. From Netflix documentaries to places you can donate and charities to support if you have the financial means to do so.

Understand your privilege:

Recognise it, understand it, remember it, teach your children about it. White privilege exists. It’s time to get rid of the defensiveness. Admit the problem and recognise that you, or people you know / businesses you support, might be a part of it.

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Tell your friends to pull up.

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Keep talking:

Talk to your friends and your family — keep racism a topic of conversation: discuss, educate, recognise your privilege. You’ll get it wrong at times, but keep the dialogue open.

Worried about confrontation? This Cosmopolitan article gives some good advice for how to have a frank and honest conversation about race with your parents (or anyone who’s needs educating more):

Keep learning

There’s a lack of education in the UK and many white people have never been taught about black history. The UK has a lengthy history of colonisation, subjugation and systemic racism that we cannot ignore. This has to change.

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First and foremost I’d like to thank @judiffa endlessly for helping me put this together. The resources she has provided me with have been invaluable & her guidance over the last few days has been so helpful. Also a mention to @readbyrachelaa for providing edits too (and generally being an excellent source of literature and education). 🌀 I’ve seen a lot of comments in the last few days saying “what about the UK?” Normally this kind of rhetoric is used by bigots to shut down discussion of important issues, but here it is a very good point that we must address. The UK has a lengthy history of colonisation, subjugation and systemic racism that we cannot ignore. It’s easy to go along with the narrative pushed by our curriculum that centres Britain’s triumphs and ignores our violent past (and present) – but to accept this as the truth is dangerous and wrong. We have to understand the history upon which our country is built in order to overhaul & demolish the institutions that preserve the ideals of our past. We get to decide what country we want to live in, and that starts with understanding that country as it is now, how we got here and what we need to change. A reminder that this is primarily for white Brits, as this is history that is well known to so many black, Asian and other minority groups in the UK. We are the ones who need to catch up. 🌀 EDIT: the sixth form students group is called “Fill in the Blanks”! My apologies for the mistake, they’re tagged now so you can find them x

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Widen your circle

We all live in echo chambers. Read, follow, support, act. Surround yourself with new information that you can hear, see and engage with every day. This is our time to change and we all must do better.

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