This Online Skincare Prescription Service Is Perfect When You Can’t See a Dermatologist Irl

August 25, 2020

If you live in the UK and have struggled with skin concerns, you’ll be well aware of how hard it is to see a dermatologist. We’re led to believe that all Americans have a go-to derm on speed dial, but over on this side of the pond it can be near impossible to get an appointment.

Qualified dermatologists are few and far between in the UK, meaning it can be a time-consuming (and expensive) process getting an appointment. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and things get even harder. There are some brilliant dermatologists and cosmetic doctors who offer an abundance of knowledge online (Dr Anjali Mahto, Dr Sam Bunting, Dr Emma Wedgeworth and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe to name a few) but without an appointment (online or offline) – it can be hard to get access to individualised recommendations and prescription skincare.

But that’s where Dermatica can come in. It’s the UK’s first online dermatology service that can deliver prescription skincare to your door – plus it’s really affordable.

How does Dermatica work?

To get started, you fill out an online consultation form – answering questions about your skin, and more importantly, uploading clear pictures of your skin so that it can be assessed. Then, Dermatica’s team of dermatologists, pharmacists and formulation scientists assess your answers and photographs, determining the optimal combination of prescription ingredients. These are customised for a range of common skin conditions, including acne, melasma and hyperpigmentation.

It costs £19.99 per month, which includes follow-up appointments and ongoing support, so that you can tweak or change your formulation as your skin changes and improves. The monthly subscription also includes a delivery of skincare every 28 days – so that you don’t run out.

Whilst I firmly believe that seeing a doctor or dermatologist in person is always the best method, it’s not always possible, which is why Dermatica’s accessible service is definitely worth shouting about.

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