Nail Art Is Back but Not as You Know It

April 22, 2021

When it comes to trends, history often repeats itself. The latest beauty trend having a resurgence? Nail art.

Blame lockdown boredom because yes, we’ve all been getting a lil’ crafty and it’s showing on our nails. While you might think of nail art being ‘so 2012’, this time round, it’s not as you quite remember it.

Forget whacky designs and tactile textures, nail art 2021 has had a chic update. Sure there are still some fun patterns doing the rounds, but they’re way more sophisticated – using bare nail beds as the base, keeping nails short and round or perfecting each design with an easy-to-use decal.

Looking for some nail art inspo? You’ve come to the right place.

Don’t fancy your hand at DIY nail art? Cheat it with these easy-to-use decals…

Ciate Cheat Sheets, £16

Ciate x Smileyworld Stick-On Nail Stickers, £16

Image credits: @kerrilynnoelle via @asos_faceandbody, @overglowedit using @cirquecolors, @sansilt, @califreenails using @apresnailofficial @nogtiinminsk @thehangedit @stace_king

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